P.T. Mandiri jaya flora

Our Facilities

The company's production is at 600 m (1800 ft.) above sea level, encompassing a total growing area of about 6 hectares (13.2 acres), situated in the tropics on the island of Java, Indonesia.

Management is in the hands of qualified men and women drawn from different ethnic groups.  We do not employ children or underage individuals.

Ornamental Horticulture Production, Agricultural Training, & Consultation Services

Among our product mix are a myriad of quality cut foliage, tropical cut flowers and bulbous plants, tip cuttings, rooted cuttings, air layers, canes, tissue culture micro-cuttings, flowering landscape as well as indoor plants for interiorscape use.

P. T. Mandiri Jaya Flora

Indoor Pot Plants


Our main pot plant crops are chrysanthemums, poinsettias (seasonal), gardenias, plus a myriad of others. 

Our Staff

We have been involved in many social & community activities (mostly educational and agricultural), such as Forum Florikultura Indonesia, and The Ohio Program, an international student exchange program in agriculture training.

In 2012, we established a village library for kids under 13 near the MJ Flora nursery in Kp. Karakal.

MJ Flora is about Community

Our Products

What We Do

Cut Tropical Flowers


Our main cut flower crops are heliconias, gingers, ornamental eggplants and more. 

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Cultivation is mostly intensive, under plastic and shade structures, using cocofiber dust as growing media, therefore allowing for export to countries where the import of plants containing soil is strictly prohibited.


Outdoor Plants for Landscaping

Among others, we have annuals like marigolds, salvias, begonias, daylilies, agapanthus, bulbiforum, hanging baskets and more.